We can walk you through your project from concept to design to production to finished product. Or you can have a completely "hands off" approach and let our skilled staff design and produce a garment that is just right for your needs. Also we have no minimums on most embroidered items, so if you have an idea for an item, but don't want to get a large quantity, we can still serve your needs.  In the concept stage of the garment decoration or embellishment process, the purpose for the decorated item is considered first. Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a small local business, if you are putting on a premiere golf outing to show appreciation to your customers or impress clients, you would want to use a higher quality polo shirt with an embroidered design. If you are having a large company picnic, fun day, or family reunion, you would want to go with a lower end polo shirt or T-shirt with a screen printed design.

Embroidery carries with it the impression of hand crafted quality and luxury. When you give a friend, family member or customer an embroidered hat of shirt, you are conveying your appreciation for them, and your high standards and values.

They say that "It's not the gift, it's the thought that counts." But we here at Custom Casuals we think that a better way of putting it would be: The quality of the product is a direct reflection of the company or individual that is wearing it or giving it.

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We use the best choice in Embroidery Systems: The Amaya

At first glance, Amaya looks different from any other professional embroidery system. Her sleek lines and stylish design are only a precursor to what's waiting under the hood.  Amaya sets the pace with the fastest speed of any machine in the embroidery industry. This top quality machine produces sheer excellence.





Most of our customers come to us with a logo or letter head, but sometimes just a sketch. Digitizing transforms a picture into an image made up of thousands of stitches. It takes a skilled digitizer to accomplish this task because there are many variables to consider, such as stitch type, direction and density. Having successfully digitized your picture, we then save it to disk.

Once on disk, you can now edit the picture. This may involve enlarging or reducing the size for embroidery onto caps or coats, we can add text for individual names or change dates on team badges. In fact, the possibilities are endless. Editing can really individualize your digitized picture. When everyone is happy, we are on to the embroidery. 

We use the latest industrial embroidery machines (shown on left) and considered to be one of the very best on the market. The machine reads the disk and embroiders at over 1500 stitches per minute.

STEP 4.  Wear it, Use it, Take it Home!!


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