Custom Casuals does screenprinting on may different items From t-shirts to gym bags to golf shirts, our high quality work will outlast the garment itself. standard decoration process econimical way to advertise your business, make a statement, long lasting hjigh quality, ink will outlast the garment.

Ordinarily, companies will charge a fee, a screen charge, on your orders. Not us. It's FREE.

Screen printing is used primarily for group orders as the printing process is most cost effective for producing multiple products. Each color is laid down with a different screen of ink; therefore, the less colors, the less steps, resulting in a lesser cost. Screen printing is ideal for events including teams, work, family, etc.

Everywhere you look these days you see decorated and designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bags, you name it. This is because everyone has figured out that screen-printing is a great way to get your name out there! Whether it’s for recognition, (sponsors) advertising or just a great decorative idea that you came up with – Screen-printing is the way to go.

We have to ask a lot of questions regarding every aspect of the process you are about to begin. However, once you know the routine and we have your artwork, printing requirements – style /sizes /color and of course the quantity of the garments you require, things go pretty smoothly.

In no time you will be sporting your screenprinted clothing, saying to the world, "Hey! Look here!"

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